Truffle Trees

We are delighted to now be able to offer native truffle trees for sale to landowners, inoculated with our own wild English autumn truffle spore.

This project is part of our plan to hugely increase the supply of local truffles. Our goal is to make the UK a net exporter of truffles within 15 years.

We believe our trees are the only 100% native truffle trees available – English truffle spore and English trees – making them perfectly suited to our climate and soil.

Our current stock includes beech, hazel and oak trees, ready for planting. All batches of trees are examined and confirmed to be hosting truffle mycorrhiza.

We can advise on preparation of the land, planting, tree care and surveying. If truffles are found we can also arrange to hunt them regularly for you, if required.

As the UK’s leading fresh truffle wholesaler, we are always looking for more fresh English truffles, so we can also buy any truffles produced by your trees in the future.

Please note – the minimum order is 50 trees. Contact us for details and pricing.