We put as much as love and care into sourcing truffles from around the world as we do when hunting them ourselves in Wiltshire. Working only with highly trusted partners and friends, we visit them regularly and always buy direct from the woods – the freshness and quality of all our truffles is unparalleled.


Australian truffles are the same variety as the European black winter truffle – tuber melanosporum. They have been one of the biggest gastronomic sensations of recent years.

Australian truffles are a relatively new ingredient – the first trees were planted in the early 1990s, the first truffle was discovered in 1999 and commercial production began around 2005. The industry is now booming and Australia is thought to have recently overtaken France to become the world’s third biggest truffle producer (after Spain and Italy).

Our Australian truffles come from the area around the town of Manjimup, deep in the Southern Forests of Western Australia – about three hours south of Perth. There is something magical about the rich Karri loam soil in this region which, when combined with farming skill and knowledge, produces truffles of astonishing quality.

Wiltshire Truffles Limited has an exclusive partnership with three growers who produce some of the highest quality truffles in Australia. We visit them every year in person so, as with the truffles we hunt ourselves in England, we personally know the exact woodlands where the truffles are found. Over the last decade this area has become like a second home to us.

The Australian winter truffle season exactly mirrors the season in Europe, with fresh truffles available during June, July and August. It is so exciting for creative chefs to have top quality truffles available during the European summer, creating the opportunity to pair the wonderful intoxicating flavours of the winter truffle with fresh, vibrant European summer ingredients


Traditionally France has been known as the home of black winter truffles – they’re often known as “Périgord” truffles – but most of the best European black truffles actually come from Spain; now easily the leading global producer of black winter truffles.

Years ago, most of the wild truffles in Spain were found by French hunters crossing the Pyrenees in search of ‘black gold’. The climate and soil in some parts of the country have always been perfect for truffle production and in the last few decades some Spanish growers have turned it into an art form.

All our black winter truffles come direct from two producers based in remote villages deep in the mountains of North Eastern Spain – one in Catalonia and the other in Aragon. They’re carefully chosen for their three generations of passion and expertise in growing and hunting some of the best black winter truffles available from anywhere.

By going direct to the source our truffles are incomparably fresh and the huge volumes we import ensure that we get the pick of each hunt – wonderful black truffles with a deep, rich, exotic aroma.


We love Italy and we adore white truffles. After a period living in Tuscany around the turn of the Millennium we still return there very regularly, having many close friendships within the Italian truffle community.

Our main Italian partner is based in the city of Modena in Emilia Romagna. As with all our partners he doesn’t sell truffles to anyone else in the UK, but supplies some of Italy’s most famous chefs – such as Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana in his home town.

Every day during the season he collects stunning wild truffles from his team of over fifty hunters and then sends many of the best pieces to us on the same day that they come out of the ground.

The quality of the white truffles we source in this particular region is superb; we also import the absolute highest quality Black Autumn and Spring White truffles from Italy.

As well as Emilia Romagna, we have additional sources in Tuscany, Marche and Umbria to ensure a consistent supply of the highest quality throughout the season, no matter what the regional weather conditions – fresh, beautiful, wonderful wild Italian truffles.


The peninsular of Istria, just round the corner from Venice and Trieste in Italy, has always been known amongst true truffle connoisseurs as the source of some of the best white truffles. However the majority of them have traditionally been bought by Italian companies, who then sell them on worldwide (just like the way that many Spanish black truffles are bought by the French for resale).

Our partners in Istria used to sell most of their truffles to Italian companies, but are now proud to supply their beautiful white truffles to us direct from the woods.

We visit Istria regularly and it’s a stunning part of the world – a bit like a fresher, emptier version of Tuscany. Our partners here are family businesses who have been hunting truffles for decades – in secret spots well off the tourist trail – remote unspoilt hills with crystal clear streams, deep forests and poplar groves which are teeming with superb white truffles through the season.


As well as their unique honey truffles, we also source black autumn and white truffles from Hungary – and they are some of the very best of all. The quality of the truffles personally hunted by our Hungarian partners is nothing short of sensational.

Found in huge, ancient oak forests along the Drava and Danube rivers, the northernmost significant natural habitat of the white truffle – drought and excessive heat are rarely a problem here, as they can sometimes be further south in Italy.

Our white truffles from this region have an incredibly delicious and powerful aroma, with the most consistently high level of physical quality we have seen – with a beautiful regular shape, firm, fresh and often of considerable size – unquestionably some of the finest white truffles on the planet.