Jeremy Chan’s Truffle Butter Porridge

A delicious and original way to enjoy our Ampersand cultured truffle butter at breakfast time, with this super simple porridge recipe by our friend Jeremy Chan, from the wonderful, ground breaking Ikoyi restaurant in Central London.


Truffle Butter Porridge

 A recipe by Chef Jeremy Chan


300g organic oats

300g whole milk


Organic honey to taste

Wiltshire Truffles / Ampersand truffle butter to taste

Smoked salt to taste



  1. Toast the oats in a smoking hot pan, stirring so they don’t catch.
  2. Add to a pot once nice and smokey.
  3. Bring 150g water to the boil with the oats.
  4. Meanwhile, have 300g milk warm.
  5. Gradually add the milk to the oats and keep stirring until the desired consistency is achieved. I like mine with the oats still slightly al dente and a creamy sauce.
  6. Glaze with honey and smoked salt, then finish with slabs of truffle butter. Allow to rest for two minutes before eating.