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Fresh Spring White Truffles

(tuber borchii)

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Spring is here! (Well, it is in Italy anyway). These Spring White truffles (tuber borchii) are a completely different species to ‘proper’ white truffles (tuber magnatum pico, found in the autumn and early winter) – the aroma is much less ethereal and refined, which is reflected in the much lower price.

Often known as “Bianchetti” (whitish) or “Marzuolo” (March) truffles in Italy, they’re usually found from February to early April – all ours are hunted wild for us in the hills of Emilia Romagna and Istria. Generally a smaller truffle, they naturally range in colour from cream to yellow, orange and brown.

Spring white truffles have an intense garlicky aroma and work beautifully with eggs, also combining very well with other spring ingredients such as morels, asparagus and wild garlic.



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Fresh Black Winter Truffles

(tuber melanosporum)

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The king of black truffles and almost certainly the most exciting truffle variety for chefs. Often known as the “Périgord” truffle, but most of the best European black truffles actually come from Spain. We work with two long term partners in the mountains of Catalonia and Aragon and the quality is sensational – this is our most popular truffle variety. The flavour is rich, intoxicating, decadent and utterly delicious.



Please note that now is the only period of the year - early April to mid May - when there are no good fresh truffles in season.

For those that want to use truffles in the off season, we recommend our frozen peak season winter truffles, or all natural canned truffle juice.

Alternatively if you are looking for a gift, we offer gift vouchers which can be saved and redeemed once fresh truffles return.

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Fresh Black Summer Truffles

(tuber aestivum)

Currently unavailable - expected May

Summer truffles have the most subtle aroma and flavour of the main truffle species – more earthy and mushroomy than mind blowing. They should be used in very generous quantities – don’t treat them with the restraint or respect you’d show to the more precious varieties. They can be delicious when paired with other mild ingredients – for example with eggs, in buttery pasta or a green salad. Our summer truffles are sourced from our long term partners and friends in the hills of Emilia Romagna (Italy), Istria (Croatia), Vaucluse (France) and Southern Hungary, who carefully select the finest truffles from each hunt for us.



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Fresh Australian Black Winter Truffles

(tuber melanosporum)

Currently unavailable - expected June

The favourite truffle of most of the world’s leading chefs, Australian truffles are the same variety as the European black winter truffle – aka “Périgord” truffles – giving us the chance to experience superb quality black truffles during our own summer months. Our Australian truffles come fresh and direct from our good friends in Manjimup, deep in the Southern Forests of Western Australia. The flavour is rich, intoxicating, decadent and utterly delicious – they’re arguably the finest black truffles on the planet.



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Fresh Honey Truffles

(mattirolomyces terfezioides)

Currently unavailable - expected August

Honey truffles are totally unique – the world’s only sweet truffle, found almost exclusively growing wild under black locust trees along the River Danube in Hungary. The aroma is reminiscent of honey and button mushrooms; the flavour starts quite similar but has a very long lasting sweet aftertaste. They are loved by many of the world’s most forward thinking chefs, especially in Japan and Scandinavia. Due to their sweetness honey truffles work very well with desserts, but also in many savoury dishes. They are softer than other truffle species and vary in colour from white to cream and yellow. A unique ingredient – perfect for something very special and different!



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Fresh Autumn Truffles

(tuber uncinatum)

Currently unavailable - expected September

A very close relative to the summer truffle, identical externally but with a darker internal colour and a more powerful flavour and aroma. They are found in different areas to the summer truffle and have a later harvesting period. Black autumn truffles have a delicious fragrant yet earthy truffle taste and work beautifully in many seasonal autumnal dishes. Our English autumn truffles are hunted in Wiltshire, Shropshire, Hampshire and Somerset. We source our European autumn truffles from our long term partners and friends in Italy, Croatia, Hungary and France – always chasing the highest quality available at that point in the season.



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Fresh White Truffles

(tuber magnatum pico)

Currently unavailable - expected October

There is a good reason why everyone goes crazy for white truffles during their short season – from autumn into winter – the aroma is just out of this world and perhaps the nicest smell on the planet. White truffles must always be served raw – grated or sliced over a dish just before serving. They are usually served on simple dishes – traditionally on egg, pasta, risotto or fonduta. Truly a magical experience…