Retail Shop FAQ

We’ve included the most frequently asked questions we receive below, so check through this before getting in touch. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us.

Fresh truffles

What's the difference between the types of truffles?

There are many varieties of truffles and each is different in the way it looks, smells and tastes. White truffles, for example, are the most expensive variety and have an amazing unique aroma. Black winter truffles have a rich flavour and a stronger aroma compared to black summer or autumn truffles, which are milder.

For more information it’s worth reading through our truffles page for a breakdown of each type of truffle. You can find when different truffles are available to buy by looking at our seasons page.

Will I receive the exact weight ordered?

We will always ensure that you receive at least the weight ordered as a minimum. Sometimes you could receive up to 10g more free of charge – truffles are of course a natural product and don’t grow to prescribed sizes.

We will try and send one single truffle to match the weight ordered, but sometimes your order may be made up of multiple truffles, depending on what we have available.

Truffles naturally release moisture and their weight will decrease over time – always aim to eat them as soon as possible after receipt.

What's the shelf life of fresh truffles?

Black truffles usually last 7-10 days and white truffles 3-5 days, but every truffle is different so you should always aim to use them as soon as possible for the best experience.

For more in-depth information, check out our blog post.

How should I store my fresh truffles?

We would recommend taking fresh truffles out of the vac bag on receipt; truffles naturally give off moisture so will start to ‘sweat’ if left sealed in the same bag for more than a couple of days.

Store your truffle(s) in a closed glass jar or tupperware box with lid, wrapped in kitchen paper. Always in the fridge at 2-5 degrees.

If storing for more than a day or two open your container every couple of days to allow the truffle to breathe. Air the truffle for a minute or so and change the cloth, wiping the inside of the container free of any condensation, before resealing.

If a light white mould starts to form on the surface of a truffle there is no need to worry, it’s completely harmless, but should be brushed off as soon as possible with a clean toothbrush or similar.

Let the truffle come to room temperature when ready to serve.

For more in-depth information, check out our blog post.

How much truffle will I require?

Serving size – the more the better! When using truffles it’s best to do it properly, even if that means doing it less often. On each dish we recommend using at least 10-15g of white or black winter truffles per person; more for summer or autumn truffles as they are much milder.

We include an info sheet with your order which has some recipe suggestions and storage information. You can download a copy of the leaflet here

How do I use fresh truffles?

White truffles must never be cooked and should always be sliced or grated at the last minute before eating, ideally at the table side. They are best served on simple, neutral dishes – pasta, risotto, fonduta or eggs.

Black truffles are more versatile and work well in many other dishes, although it’s usually best to avoid strong or acidic ingredients which may impact the flavour of the truffles.

We include an informational sheet with your order which has some recipe suggestions and storage information. You can download a copy of the leaflet here

Truffle products

What's the shelf life?

Clicking the ‘more info’ button on a product will show product specific information such as ingredients, shelf life and storage information.

Perishable truffle products such as butter, cheese and cream will be stamped with a use by date – this is usually between 10 and 26 days. Please ensure these products are kept refrigerated.

Truffle juice shelf life will be approx. 2 years and doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it is opened. Once open, refrigerate and use within 7 days.

Why do your products taste different to truffle products I've tried before?

Our truffle products use real truffle. Almost all other truffle products use an artificial truffle flavouring, which is much more intense than the real thing, and can ruin your appreciation of the wonderfully complex natural flavour and aroma of real truffles (just look for the words ‘truffle flavour’ or ‘aroma’ on the ingredients).

Fake truffle products have changed general perceptions of how truffle actually tastes. They are very overpowering – assaulting your tastebuds in a bad way, leaving a lingering aftertaste which can’t be digested. Even when only consumed occasionally in tiny quantities, this artificial truffle flavouring can limit your future ability to taste and appreciate real truffles.

For more information, check our in-depth blog post on the truth about truffle products.

Ordering & delivery

When can you deliver?

You can choose! At the checkout stage you will be given an option to choose a preferred delivery date, with the next available date selected by default. We usually offer delivery on Tuesday – Saturday, though Saturday deliveries carry an extra £5 charge if your order is under £100. All orders over £100 are delivered free of charge, even on Saturdays. Orders for delivery on weekdays are usually delivered by DHL and Saturday deliveries are by DPD.

Some products in your basket may be on backorder, in which case the delivery dates available won’t be until after all products in your basket are back in stock. If you need the order sooner, remove out of stock items from your basket. A message at checkout will tell you when this is the case.

How do you ensure perishable products are kept cold?

We use bespoke sustainable chilled packaging and include ice packs to make sure your order items are kept cold throughout transit. We use express next-day couriers, but our packaging is designed to keep your items cool for a couple of days if necessary.

Please ensure you open the box as soon as you receive it and refrigerate perishable items (including fresh truffles) immediately.

Do you ship outside the UK?

We ship worldwide using DHL Express. The cost is £29.

Please note that all international shipments are entirely at your own risk. We pack orders well with ice packs to ensure your order is kept cool during transit. DHL Express is a 1-2 service and generally very reliable, but delays are possible, especially due to recently introduced border checks between the UK and EU. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any loss, damage or delay in transit, or for any fees or delays caused by local customs or border controls. Returns and / or refunds are not possible for international shipments.

What's a preferred delivery date?

We will dispatch your order the day before your preferred delivery date using an express next-day courier service. Delivery will almost always be attempted on this preferred date, but delays with couriers can and do happen, especially around Christmas. If your orders is for a specific meal or event, we always recommend setting the preferred delivery date to the day before you wish to use the items, in your order to allow for any potential delay.

It is important to note that a preferred delivery date is not guaranteed, and we cannot hold responsibility for delays with couriers that are outside of our control.

Where's my order?

Our delivery partner (DHL for weekdays, DPD for Saturdays) will contact you via both SMS and email to keep you updated on the progress of your delivery. DPD supply a 1-hour delivery slot, usually by around 10am. Please ensure you check the phone number and email address supplied when placing your order are correct to make sure you receive these notifications.

You can follow the progress of your delivery by viewing the tracking page; a link to which is sent in the dispatch email we send on the day of dispatch.

If you have any issues with your delivery it is best to contact the courier directly, as they can usually give you more accurate info than we can. You can call DHL’s customer service team on 0344 248 0012 or DPD’s customer service team on 0121 275 0500. You will need to quote the tracking number included in the dispatch email we sent you.

Can I amend my order?

Please contact us to discuss any amendments to your order – the easiest way to do this is by replying to the order confirmation you receive from us so we can easily access your order. We will try our best to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee any amendments after your order has been placed.

Once you have received a dispatch email, your order cannot be changed.