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Fresh Spring White Truffles

(tuber borchii)

Currently unavailable - expected February 2024

These Spring White truffles (tuber borchii) are a completely different species to ‘proper’ white truffles (tuber magnatum pico, found in the autumn and early winter) – the aroma is much less ethereal and refined, which is reflected in the much lower price.

Often known as “Bianchetti” (whitish) or “Marzuolo” (March) truffles in Italy, they’re usually found from February to early April – all ours are hunted wild for us in the hills of Emilia Romagna and Istria. Generally a smaller truffle, they naturally range in colour from cream to yellow, orange and brown.

Spring white truffles have an intense garlicky aroma and work beautifully with eggs, also combining very well with other spring ingredients such as morels, asparagus and wild garlic.