Australian Truffles

Our Australian truffles are widely considered by chefs to be the finest black truffles on the planet. They’re the same variety as European black winter truffles – tuber melanosporum (often known as “Périgord” truffles) – but have a subtly distinct, slightly sweeter and richer flavour.

Truffles are relatively new to Australia – the first inoculated oak and hazel trees were planted in the early 1990s and the first truffle was discovered in 1999. The season runs through the Australian winter, from early June until late August.

The main area of truffle production in Australia is around the town of Manjimup, deep in the Southern Forests of Western Australia – three hours south of Perth and an hour inland from the Margaret River wine region. Here the rich, fertile Karri loam soil combines with hot, dry summers and cool, frosty winters to create the perfect environment for black winter truffles. We also source equally fantastic truffles from across the country in Victoria, near the breathtaking and pristine Yarra Valley.

Wiltshire Truffles work closely with the leading truffle growers and hunters in Australia – family friends whom we visit every year. When we first brought Australian truffles to Europe they were almost unknown; now they are so highly regarded that the whole chef community waits eagerly for the start of the season each year.

Wiltshire Truffles are one of the largest suppliers of Australian truffles in the world, and we source them fresh and direct for leading chefs in the UK, Hong Kong and across Europe. Our truffles are on the menu in almost every two and three Michelin starred restaurant in the UK and Ireland, and over 80% of all the Australian truffles here are supplied by us.

The best truffles are selected straight after hunting and delivered direct to us just 24 hours after coming out of the ground. There are no middlemen involved – just one family business supplying another.

Chefs love our Australian truffles for their consistently high quality and the opportunity to use them during the European summer, pairing the umami-rich and intoxicating aroma of the black winter truffle with fresh, vibrant summer ingredients.

Retail customers can purchase Australian truffles from our online shop. Restaurants / wholesale – please contact us for more information or to set up a trade account.